Fitting a square peg into a round hole

So I have decided to try something brave, I have decide to try to install the Kynetx Rule Engine (KRE) onto a EdgeRouter from Ubiquiti Networks.

Brave choice indeed.

I am doing this for two reasons 1) because Voyst needs a new delivery method for its Proximity service and 2) because it is a worthy challenge. No one has ever tried putting the KRE onto an embedded system with a Debian based Linux distro. 

All of the instructions for the installation of the KRE are based on the CentOS Linux distro, and if you know anything about Linux distros, you know that they differ just enough to make it interesting. 

The first time I tried this about two weeks ago, it did not go so well and I ended up having to reload the base OS and starting from scratch. 

This time I am having better luck as I become more familiar with the Debian distro and the apt-get method of package management. I am about half way through the process and hope to be complete in the next 24 hours

I will post when the adventure is over and let you know how it went, lessons learned and how the little bugger is performing.

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